G7 versus Brexit

G7 leaders in Japan Francois and Jean-Claude are comparing relative sizes – what are they boasting about? Meanwhile, has the G7 sacked Dave? Leaders of the G7 countries met recently in Japan. To no one’s surprise they issued a final communiqué: apparently they believe, without offering us the evidence, that Brexit would pose a serious … More G7 versus Brexit

Yet More Juncker

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/20/british-deserters-will-face-the-consequences-warns-eus-juncker/ On the 20th May The Telegraph and many other newspapers reported remarks made by Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, which illustrate his attitude to democracy. Here is a sample from the article, quoting remarks Juncker made to Le Monde: “I’m sure the deserters will not be welcomed with open arms,” Mr … More Yet More Juncker

The Martian Perspective

NASA is hoping to land astronauts on Mars by around 2030. Previous rover vehicles (and Britain’s own, crashed, Beagle 2 spacecraft), having been sent to check the planet for life forms, aroused the curiosity of its native inhabitants. A Martian delegation recently visited Earth under a UN-sponsored, “extra-terrestrial, cooperation and development” accord (ET-CAD). Their economists … More The Martian Perspective

What’s Hitler got to do with anything?

Adolph Hitler is rightly regarded as the epitome of evil so it is dangerous to mention his name in any political debate, as both London’s ex-Mayors have recently done. In Boris Johnson’s case the critical storm is preposterous. The context in which the Fuhrer was “dragged into” the argument was reasonable, if risky. Boris recalled … More What’s Hitler got to do with anything?

Farm View

Everyone knows that farmers love the EU; all those CAP subsidies, some for setting aside fields and doing nothing – lovely. Well, it was a surprise to find a farming neighbour in far-west Cornwall who was all for leaving. West Penwith hasn’t the most productive soil in the country but is one of the most … More Farm View