Grey Men in Suits

Many positions in the EU that in a normal democracy would be elected are given to retired or de-selected national politicians. Some may be appointed for their expertise but often it is for favours owed or just for time-serving. The EU’s top governing body is the Commission, with one representative for each nation. Britain’s past … More Grey Men in Suits

Where Next?

In a complex and chaotic environment, harnessing the “wisdom of crowds” is often the best way of smoothing a path to a successful outcome – in the long run. Individuals recognise, even if they can’t articulate, problems that wise men and autocrats, with their eyes on the horizon and their own interests, may not see; … More Where Next?


Voters who are undecided about the benefits of leaving or remaining in the EU say they just want the facts. Clearly they don’t want to be blinded by detail or misled by carefully selected statistics. There is much to argue in the detail but stand back and look at the broad picture, ask yourself whether … More Shorties

“What this country needs is a benign dictatorship”

Have you ever heard that or thought it yourself? Fed up with beauty-parade elections, have you sometimes wished to leave governing to the experts? Well, this is what we have already with the EU – only it isn’t benign because the ‘experts’ who appointed themselves to look after us have made serious mistakes which they … More “What this country needs is a benign dictatorship”

Recommended Selections

The authors of are doing a fine job of extracting facts and opinions from a range of sources. We’ve picked out a sample, which can be found most easily on the blog or visited directly from the links provided. An opinion from two French admirals caught our eye: The Daily Telegraph, 13.6.16 – Recommended Selections

Recycled Remains

The Daily Mail, many people’s choice for the news, has an article illustrating the benefits a few Britons get from the EU: As we said in an earlier post, the EU provides many juicy jobs for the boys, and the girls to be fair. Perhaps those who benefit so comfortably from their EU salaries … More Recycled Remains

Dutch Disenchantment

The Guardian has an article (6th June 2016) on declining support for the EU project in the Netherlands: Here are some selected highlights: “And with every new terrorist attack, wave of refugees or expensive euro bailout, the forces of regression grow stronger, both on the far right and the far left.” “Many of the … More Dutch Disenchantment