It’s a Second Brexit

The first time we left a law-making, tax-collecting, over-regulating, European super-union was in 1534. The taxes then went to Henry VIII’s treasury rather than the Borgias’. The oceans were freed for our global exploration (the Pope had declared the Atlantic a Spanish possession). A revolution in trade and industry was triggered. A fuller (and better) … More It’s a Second Brexit

Dynamic Compliance – Endlessly Trapped

Treaties, agreements, rules and regulations are made in Brussels and enforced by rulings from the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Member states in the EU sign up to the treaties and thereby agree to abide by its laws, rules and regulation. Countries linked by bilateral agreements to the EU, including Switzerland and Norway, sign agreements, … More Dynamic Compliance – Endlessly Trapped

State of the Union – 4 (The Bratislava Declaration)

Following their meeting in Bratislava on 16 September, the European Council (please don’t confuse this with the Council of Europe – see Europe versus EU in our May archive) issued a Declaration, which can be downloaded from here: The Declaration is short and thin and is as bland as we would expect from an … More State of the Union – 4 (The Bratislava Declaration)

State of the Union – 3 (Alternative view)

The Economist’s Europe correspondent, Charlemagne, visited Strasbourg to listen to Jean-Claude Juncker give his annual State of the Union address to the European Parliament. His take on the speech is rather different from ours. For the original article, go here: But if you might enjoy our more sceptical critique, read on. The title of … More State of the Union – 3 (Alternative view)

State of the Union – 2 (Critical examination)

This is the EU Commission’s website (in English): At the top is the priority, which is: This is the declared priority and the one that wishful thinkers subscribe to. The real priorities, evidenced throughout the Five Presidents Report to which the home screen refers, are increasing union and decreasing divergence. The declared priority is … More State of the Union – 2 (Critical examination)

State of the Union – 1 (Summary)

Here is our first reaction on reading the summary of Jean-Claude Juncker’s state of the union address on 14 September 2016. We’re not anti-European, we’re anti-EU. We’re against the complacent, misguided ideologists who can’t see its extreme failures, or can see them but think the present sacrifices are worthwhile. Not their sacrifices, naturally, with their … More State of the Union – 1 (Summary)

Settling Down – at last?

While stuck-in-a-groove Remainers continue to disparage the growing return to ‘normality’, with their whingeing ‘ah! buttery’, and some are still calling for a second referendum to ‘correct’ the first, there are signs that a more reflective and deeper intelligence is beginning to assert itself. Even the Economist, previously driven almost hysterical by the threat and … More Settling Down – at last?

Remainers Moaning

Remain campaigners continue to bewail the result of the UK referendum and to forecast gloom and doom for the country. We need to respond as positively as we can to this widespread unwillingness to accept the result. The press, like so many other organisations, was split between Remain and Leave camps. No one wants to … More Remainers Moaning