Headmistress ‘Headmistress’ Theresa May, criticised EU leaders’ lack of maturity after they warned her they intend to make Brexit negotiations ‘hard’, even suggesting they might be carried out in French (which hasn’t been the practice since the number of member countries tripled). She asked that they adopt a constructive spirit, to deliver a ‘smooth’ departure, … More Shorties-2

A View from the Ground

Shortly before the UK referendum, from April to May, the Pew Research Centre conducted a wide survey (10,491 respondents representing 80% of the EU population) in ten EU nations to learn how citizens view the EU and the then-forthcoming UK referendum. The results are reported here: We summarise some results of the polling exercise … More A View from the Ground

Trading with the EU

The Canadians have just walked out of trade talks with the EU after seven frustrating years of negotiations. Chrystia Freeland, the international trade minister, said, “It’s become evident … that the EU isn’t capable now to have an international treaty … even with a country so nice, with a lot of patience, like Canada.” Many … More Trading with the EU

The Single Market and the Four Freedoms

Freedom of movement for goods, services, capital and people is enshrined in the Treaty of Rome. It’s a founding principle yet most of these freedoms are “more honour’d inthe breach than the observance” (to misrepresent Hamlet’s meaning). The exception is free movement of (EU) people. Why and how has this occurred? Freedom Movement of Services … More The Single Market and the Four Freedoms