Panic Reactions

We have seen several right-wing – and a few left-wing – populist movements growing in EU member states. The rapid growth is alarming the EU’s mandarins who see rising popular resentment about trade, migration and budgets as threats to their project. What they don’t understand is why these “stupid populists” (Jean-Claude Juncker) are pressing them … More Panic Reactions

Disillusion, Disaffection and Denial

A single issue is disturbing established patterns of politics throughout the Western world. It takes different forms in different jurisdictions but can be seen as a common thread tying together voter behaviour in Europe and the USA. This issue of voter dissatisfaction appears to be a significant contributory factor to rising euroscepticism and the increasing … More Disillusion, Disaffection and Denial

WTO rules – OK?

The Government is hoping to negotiate a free trade arrangement with the EU when we leave, but what if can’t get agreement from all 27 nations plus the EU Parliament (or Wallonia)? In the worst case we would be reduced to World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, but how bad is that? For cars the WTO … More WTO rules – OK?

Evidence of Fragility (Part 3)

Migration, trade and recalcitrant member governments continue to show up the weaknesses of the EU. First, the Express on the latest spat about migration: “FURIOUS Italian leader Matteo Renzi today [October 27] threatened to fatally cripple the entire European project unless Brussels bureaucrats do more to sort out the migrant crisis.” “In an extraordinary … More Evidence of Fragility (Part 3)

France and Germany: Leading but Where?

This post, almost without comment from us, picks out some illuminating points from a recently published book, which suggests that deep divisions on questions of economics and finance are at the root of the EU’s problems in the eurozone: The Euro and the Battle of Ideas. By Markus Brunnermeier, Harold James and Jean-Pierre Landau. Princeton University Press … More France and Germany: Leading but Where?