Car-crash Economics

We love economics. It’s a bit like driving a car at night without lights, peering at the road ahead, hoping that nothing unexpected emerges from a side road, all the time checking the mirrors to see whether anything behind looks familiar. There’s plenty of room too for back-seat drivers and innocent voices asking if we’re … More Car-crash Economics

United we stand, unified we fail

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, issued a press release on 31 January which we should challenge.  “The challenges currently facing the European Union are more dangerous than ever before …” Tusk outlines three areas of threat: first, external, from China, Russia, the Middle East and Africa, and the new US administration; second, anti-EU, … More United we stand, unified we fail

Changing Minds

It’s possible that Theresa May has changed her mind about the EU, having voted remain in the referendum. It’s also possible that she is just dutifully implementing the decision that resulted from Parliament passing the buck to the electorate. There is a significant precedent for a change of mind, in the person of Margaret Thatcher.  … More Changing Minds

Law-making in Secret

The EUobserver website has some information about the growing secrecy of EU law-making here. The organisation, largely supportive of the EU, describes itself as follows: “EUobserver is an independent online newspaper which values free thinking and plain speech. We aim to support European democracy by giving people the information they need to hold the EU … More Law-making in Secret