Brexit negotiations have begun at last. Ninety-eight British negotiators showed up for the Battle of Brussels, ready to go and smiling for the cameras – or were most of them extras hired from Pinewood Studios? We simply don’t know how ready the Government is. It seems likely that we’re in for months of pointless argument. … More Interregnum

Brief Lies

Vince Cable was chosen, unopposed, as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats and promised to continue his party’s policy of denying us the Brexit we voted for. “The people didn’t vote to be poorer”, he said in his acceptance speech, repeating the lie given last year by Philip Hammond and echoed by George Osborne. We … More Brief Lies

For Richer or Poorer?

Remainers are pleased with their often-repeated slogan that “the people didn’t vote to be poorer.” But they did. Or at least they voted to leave the EU despite being given an official Government warning in a pre-Referendum mailshot that the economy would suffer an immediate shock, jobs would be lost and families would be permanently … More For Richer or Poorer?

A Tangled Web

On Wednesday 12 July Michel Barnier, chief negotiator for the EU, gave a press briefing. We highlight in this post a few points where he wishes us to believe that the EU’s fixed position is based on law or logic in order to cover decisions that are in fact more or less arbitrary choices. As … More A Tangled Web

Standard Confusion

In two recent posts (Regime Standards and Shorties-10) we concluded that the EU’s ideology of ever closer union has done identifiable damage in at least one area – fire standards. Once the EU has regulated a standard its member states are obliged to implement that standard and not introduce anything that contradicts it, even if … More Standard Confusion


Distributed Culpability In his blog Dr Richard North has a series of posts examining the relevance of EU standards to the cause of the disastrous fire at Grenfell Tower in London on June 15. He has been able to trace back the origin of the standard that permitted an inflammable thermal insulation material to … More Shorties-10

The Withdrawal Method

There is no doubt about it, after Brexit Britain will not be subject to the rulings of the European Court of Justice, the EU’s high court. The Prime Minister has been absolutely clear about this, it’s a red line for her negotiators, they must not step over it.  As she told fellow Conservatives at the Party … More The Withdrawal Method

Comparative Studies

The 20th anniversary of the hand-over of Hong Kong to China by the British triggered some thoughts of similarities between that David-and-Goliath pair and the EU-UK pairing.  The Economist (TE) published an article on June 22 with the heading “Still on borrowed time”, which seems to fit the Article 50 deadline as well. Below we … More Comparative Studies