Un-Sound Bites

Brexit Means Brexit Logically this is circular and therefore meaningless. Colloquially the Prime Minister surely means that staying in the Single Market and Customs Union with our judges subject to overrule by the ECJ is not Brexit and so is not what her government will accept. However, it seems from recent dribbles of gossip that … More Un-Sound Bites

Market Rules

Access to the Single Market Economics is not a science, however it is logical. For example, if we leave the EU and French politicians (who have said they would want to punish us) successfully lobby for Britain to be expelled from the Single Market (SM) and make us face WTO rules, average tariff barriers of … More Market Rules

Practising to Deceive

“No longer is European law an incoming tide flowing up the estuaries of England. It is now like a tidal wave bringing down our sea walls and flowing inland over our fields and houses.” Lord Denning Many EU enthusiasts proclaim the Single Market as its greatest achievement and despair that Britain proposes to leave it. … More Practising to Deceive

Pull and Push

Commentary on Brexit focuses mainly on the attractions of independence and on the risks that are inherent in separating the country from a 44-year ‘engagement’ (the ‘pull’ of exit). In this post we ask why so little attention is being paid to the ‘push’, the reasons that the EU offers such an insecure future to … More Pull and Push

Carry on Macron

In a recent article for The Conversation Richard Youngs, Professor of International and European Politics at the University of Warwick, offers his observations on the proposal of Emmanuel Macron for a series of ‘conventions’ in EU member states to discuss with citizens the EU’s priorities as a contribution towards re-launching the Union. “He [Macron] envisages … More Carry on Macron

Signs of Fragility

Score Settling The Greek MEP, Stelios Kouloglou, insists that the EU’s Brexit negotiators must raise the issue of the return of the “Elgin Marbles” to the Parthenon. This has concerned Greek politicians for many years but regardless of whether the case is justified it is not related to EU membership. Member states should not link … More Signs of Fragility

Service Advantage

It is of course possible that Brexit will turn out to be a disaster for Britain, and it could be if we don’t take suitable action. We believe that Britain will cope, in part because of our history and experience and in part because the EU is itself failing, perhaps terminally.  Some doubters claim that … More Service Advantage