May in Florence (2)

Our most recent post took a sympathetic, if lukewarm, overview of Theresa May’s speech in Florence on September 22nd. In this follow-up post we extract some quotations that we think are significant and offer our comments. We are not as dismissive as most commentators we have read though we don’t find much of substance in … More May in Florence (2)


This post is the third from our series in which we extract evidence from ten EU documents. Overtime Lords was the first, Democracy or Institutional Strengthening? the second. This post focuses on the ideology that has underpinned the EU since its inception nearly 100 years ago. Their ideology accounts for the rigidity of the treaties, … More Ideology

Overtime Lords

We have prepared an extensive review of EU documents to show just how deep-rooted is the ideology of supra-nationalism and how deceitful are the processes leading inexorably to its achievement. [1] We are concerned that too few people are aware of just how rigid the EU project is and of the risks that the UK … More Overtime Lords

Shorties Revisited

Voters who are undecided about the benefits of leaving or remaining in the EU say they just want the facts. There is much to argue in the detail but stand back and look at the broad picture, ask yourself whether the EU is a successful union. Has it fostered growth, employment, civic order and good … More Shorties Revisited