Principles A European Union was (and is) a good principle, taken up by people with bad ideas, inherited by others with priest-like faith and self-interest. The EU jihadis intend us harm in retaliation for our apostasy. This demonstrates a deep lack of confidence in their project; if they truly believed in its future they would … More Shorties-11

Vienna Sunshine

 At their Vienna summit this month EU leaders, as expected, refused to give M. Barnier permission to move on to the crucial issue of trade, but they did agree to discuss it amongst themselves. Chancellor Merkel said enough progress had been made to encourage her to think it will be possible to “take the work … More Vienna Sunshine

Barriers to Exit

A deliberate typo might have this as ‘Barniers to Exit’ but that would not only be a bad pun but also unfair on the man, who is only the mandated mouthpiece for an organisation that cannot win hearts and minds but believes that it does not need to, because it will suffice to win the … More Barriers to Exit

Snippets (1)

“No country will have to pay more” (Theresa May in Florence): this is an important statement. Countries like Poland share many of Britain’s concerns about the EU’s interference in their national agendas. They are natural allies in defying or moderating the aggressiveness of France and cool authority of Germany. However, Poland in particular is the … More Snippets (1)


This post is the fifth and final of our series in which we extract evidence from ten EU documents. Overtime Lords was the first, Democracy or Institutional Strengthening? the second, Ideology the third and Propaganda, Deceit and Lies the fourth. This post focuses on the Brexit negotiations and why we believe that while the UK … More Negotiations