What has been Agreed?

Questions about the EU-UK Phase 1 Agreement Has agreement actually been reached? David Davis called it “… more a statement of intent than a legally enforceable thing” and Theresa May assured Parliament that, “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.” Representatives of the other 27 EU member states have responded with a revised statement, due … More What has been Agreed?

Zone In or Zone Out?

The Euro currency was a giant step towards political union, a dangerous one that could undermine the peace that the Union was supposed to ensure. For some countries it would be like being “trapped in a burning building with no exits“, predicted William Hague. A country that did leave could see its new national currency … More Zone In or Zone Out?

Carrying on Voting?

Remaining in the EU is an appalling option, we’d be a supplicant with all credibility lost, even more likely to be outvoted on everything. From Malta to Ireland, from Spain to Slovakia and from the EU core in Germany and France, every country feels it can tell us what we must do. The German Social … More Carrying on Voting?

Appeasement, again

News reports suggest that the Government has agreed to offer the EU a ‘Divorce’ payment of between £40 – £55 billion net, pretty much what the EU was asking for at the start of ‘negotiations’ (the €100 billion often quoted is a gross figure). This is a huge amount of our money, perhaps £800 for … More Appeasement, again