Punishment or Pragmatism? If Poland left the EU it would be absolutely vital for it to maintain its existing trade relations. The UK is not in the same negotiating position, not only because of the large quantities of German cars and French wine it imports but because its global reach and reputation is far greater … More Shorties-13

People and Brexit

Philip Hammond Spreadsheet Phil has been in Berlin, attempting to persuade Germany to offer fair terms to The City following Brexit. He has given an interview with the newspaper Welt am Sonntag in which he told European leaders that rather than being afraid that a good deal for Britain would encourage others to leave the … More People and Brexit

Basket Cases

It seems the UK Government has been doing a little thinking about Brexit after all. Apparently it wants to persuade the EU to consider three ‘baskets’ of goods and services in any deal. The first basket would consist of sectors where the UK stays close to the EU; it would include chemicals and medicines regulations … More Basket Cases

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Oranges

In December 2017 we reached “The end of the beginning”, or at least we were granted gracious permission by EU leaders to talk to them about things other than money, borders and migrant’s rights. We don’t know whether they will listen actively or simply give us more formulaic responses with their accustomed hauteur. But 2018 … More The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Oranges

The Brexit Debate

As the year 2018 begins we realise we have written more than 150 posts – some cover the fine detail, others the broad issues. We wish we could encapsulate the debate as it stands today but it is too complex for a single post. Here we start the year with a high level summary of … More The Brexit Debate

Annual Review 2017

The EU was designed in a different age for different circumstances. Even then it had major design flaws and it has failed to adapt to meet today’s challenges. It is especially unsuitable for the UK which has a history and traditions distinct from most of its neighbours. Although conceived with noble intentions, to make inter-state … More Annual Review 2017