Unusual Customs

Theresa May repeatedly guarantees that we’re leaving the Customs Union (CU) and Jeremy Corbyn concurs. That was also the promise in both parties’ 2017 election manifestos and so is a commitment made by 80% of MPs now in the House of Commons, if not necessarily their true wish. The apparent position now is that under … More Unusual Customs

Citizens’ Initiative

The EU is preparing to consult its citizens again (or some of them – those who might be interested) under the European Citizens’ Initiative. Here is the objective of the Initiative: “The European citizens’ initiative, foreseen in the Treaty on European Union, allows EU citizens to participate directly in the development of EU policies by … More Citizens’ Initiative


Jean-Claude Juncker from his annual 2016 State of the Union address: “Solidarity is the glue that keeps our Union together.” “Being European, for most of us, also means the euro … Our European budget is living proof of financial solidarity. The euro is an expression of solidarity.” The only thing that will keep the Union … More Solidarity


The EU is founded on two conceptual pillars: A: contempt for the inability of the nation states of Europe to bring and maintain peace, stability and prosperity to the peoples of Europe; B: disdain for the inability of the peoples of Europe to choose their national governments wisely. (In case you feel that ‘contempt’ and … More Foundations

Irish Troubles

Chief EU Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, is milking the Irish border issue, although ‘milking’ is scarcely the right word, ‘inflaming’ would be more appropriate. Lord Patten, one of the appeasers in the upper House, recently stated that a clean Brexit would result in a hard border in Ireland which was like carrying a can of … More Irish Troubles

Budget Bazaar

EU budgets are prepared for seven years ahead; a new one is due for the period 2021-2027 and a first draft has been issued by the European Commission as their proposed multi-annual financial framework (MFF). Two issues arise as budget negotiations get underway. First the budget, both the draft proposal and what will become the … More Budget Bazaar

The New Appeasers?

Theresa May warned the Conservative Party Conference in 2002 that some voters saw them as the Nasty Party. Now she is bending over backwards to be nice, to everyone – Remainers, Leavers, In-Betweenies and the EU – but it’s clear that the accolade, or rather ‘nom de guerre’, can be deservingly awarded to the EU … More The New Appeasers?

(S)election of MEPs

We’ve tried to understand more about how members of the European Parliament (EP) are selected but it’s not straightforward. What follows is taken mostly from the EU Parliament’s websites and Wikipedia, with a few comments from us to challenge some of the propaganda.. “Role [of the EP]: Directly-elected EU body with legislative, supervisory, and budgetary … More (S)election of MEPs