Draft EU/UK Agreement – 1

This draft agreement was prepared by the European Commission and published on 15 March 2018: The 123-page document can be downloaded from here: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/sites/beta-political/files/negotiation-agreements-atom-energy-15mar_en.pdf This very long and tedious document translates into legal terms the intention of the EU to prevent the emergence of a dynamic and critical competitor just off its coast. In summary, … More Draft EU/UK Agreement – 1

Wisdom and War

David Cameron failed to get a fair hearing, let alone a decent deal, after he promised a renegotiation with the EU and a referendum on the outcome. He lost the subsequent Referendum; this was attributed by many as a vote on the big issue he had attempted to get Brussels to accept – immigration. When … More Wisdom and War

Canny or Carney?

A cynic is “a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing” [Oscar Wilde]. In relation to Brexit a typical Whitehall mandarin knows the risk of everything and the opportunity of nothing. Except they don’t know the risks, they are guessing at the cost of Brexit using estimation methods already shown … More Canny or Carney?


Depressing The 1930’s Great Depression hit the USA hard but the suffering was less in the UK because in 1931 the Bank of England abandoned the Gold Standard and the Fed did not until 1933 (although it was only fully abandoned by Nixon in 1971). For the economy to recover, unemployment and low wages persisted; … More Quickies-3

Collapse: Europe After the European Union – 2

by Ian Kearns (Biteback Publishing Ltd, 2018) A book review (Part 2 – see Part 1 in  the previous post) Part 2: Collapse and its consequences The EU faces economic and political risks that may threaten its future. Kearns lists the former as coming from Trump’s policies, a Chinese recession, an oil crisis, a no-deal … More Collapse: Europe After the European Union – 2

Collapse: Europe After the European Union – 1

by Ian Kearns (Biteback Publishing Ltd, 2018) A book review (Part 1) Introduction The author states clearly that he is an academic but has not applied cautious academic standards in the book. This helps makes it a briefer and clearer exposition of the issues he addresses than it might otherwise have been but means fact … More Collapse: Europe After the European Union – 1