True Lies

How language is twisted to falsely support the case for not leaving the EU What Do We Want? On BBC Radio’s Today show (13th August 2019) ex-Chancellor Philip Hammond once again stated that the public didn’t vote to leave the EU without a deal. That’s true but neither did they vote against that because they … More True Lies


Call It Democracy If you have to call it Democratic it probably isn’t. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the ultimate example of mislabelling, it even doubles up on its claim to be representative of it’s citizens’ choice of government by including ‘People’s’ in its title. The People’s Republic of China has toned it … More Labels

Not More News!

Elementary, My Dear Watson Tom Watson, deputy leader of the Labour Party, called the EU: “An enduring, deep, benevolent collaboration between sovereign states unique in the history of the world. It produced a lasting peace from the ashes of war. It produced prosperity where there had been deprivation. It produced transnational partnerships where once there … More Not More News!

Not the BBC News

Breakdown Vehicles What a shame that Australia isn’t a member of the EU, look what’s happened to it’s car industry – it’s gone! Ford, Holden (General Motors) and Toyota have all closed their manufacturing plants there. Ford had been manufacturing in Australia for over 70 years, GM for 50 years and Toyota for 35 years … More Not the BBC News

Boris May, or May Not

There was a clear commitment by the Conservatives to implement what the people decided in the 2016 Referendum. Although many voted to remain the people overall clearly decided to leave. The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, repeatedly stated, “I’ve been very clear”; and indeed she was on many, many occasions about leaving the EU on … More Boris May, or May Not

Germany Above All

Following up our previous post, First Among Equals?, we now pick out some other authors who have written on the subject of Germany’s status in the EU. Sir Paul Lever was the British ambassador to Germany during the turbulent years of 1997 to 2003. The linked website [1] provides a review of his recent book, … More Germany Above All

First Among Equals?

We look out for pro-EU arguments and for contradictions of anti-EU arguments. Usually the case is weak enough for us to counter it (we haven’t yet met an exception). This is true of last week’s Charlemagne article in The Economist (TE—13/07/2019). The defence of the EU project opens by setting up a straw man*, outlining … More First Among Equals?

Deadline Date?

“We must not fear no-deal, if you fear no-deal you are hostage to the ones you are facing” – it’s not often we agree with Donald Tusk! Both Tory-leadership contenders say they intend the UK to leave the EU on 31st October this year or, in Hunt’s case at least, unless an acceptable deal is … More Deadline Date?