The Brexit Election

… or is it? The election next week was called because of deadlock in Parliament over Brexit and the Prime Minister has framed his campaign around this issue. Of course General Elections are usually more general than one-issue campaigns but whilst the Liberal Democrats are also focusing on stopping Brexit, Labour is doing everything possible … More The Brexit Election

Dear John

One of our authors sometimes exchanges views with friends and tries to show them that the EU is not what it claims to be. Here are two quick comments-and-responses from recent exchanges: From John: “Very busy trying to persuade locals that Brexit is definitely not a good idea. Farming in the area will be trashed. … More Dear John

The Meaning of Life

‘Europe’ is to have a commissioner to ensure a homogenous way of life We cannot find anyone who has produced a description, let alone a definition, of the British way of life. This is probably because there are too many variable ways in which Britons live to support a description that would meet widespread approval. … More The Meaning of Life

Not the BBC News

Re-imagining the Past It is so long ago now but do you remember how you voted in the EU Referendum? Philip Hammond appears to remember it clearly: you voted for “a smooth and orderly Brexit”. He also remembers that you “didn’t vote to be poorer”. Remember it better now? If not have another look at … More Not the BBC News


Our previous post asked basic questions aimed at discovering why anyone would want to believe or disbelieve in the EU and its mission. We take a sceptical view but welcome reasoned and evidential challenges. We asked what the major aims and achievements of the EU are; below are our answers in brief, fuller accounts can … More Answers


We’re all susceptible to ‘confirmation bias’: a tendency to seek or interpret things in a way that confirms our pre-existing beliefs and to ignore whatever challenges or contradicts them. A good method to escape this human foible is to ask difficult questions but the choice of questions or the way they are framed may also … More Questions