Dutch Disengagement

Until its citizens voted to leave, the UK headed the awkward squad of countries that were uncomfortable within the EU. Has the Netherlands reluctantly assumed the role? In June 2016, just before the British referendum, we quoted from an article in The Guardian newspaper, which suggested that citizens of the EU shared “a deep loss … More Dutch Disengagement

A Trading Union

Nations should only be united to an extent that benefits all members of their union. When Brexit is complete, at the end of the Transition Period, powers exercised by Brussels will be returned to the UK. As things stand, those not explicitly reserved for Westminster will pass to the UK’s devolved administrations – including farming, … More A Trading Union

Reading Guide – 1

For this quiescent period in the negotiations we present a selection of previous posts, grouped under several themes. As EU-UK trade negotiations approach their deadlines things seem to have ‘entered the tunnel’ (to use the EU’s phrase) and the covid pandemic has taken priority over everything else. We have used the lull to review some … More Reading Guide – 1

Does the Shoe Fit?

The Single Market and Customs Union never worked to the advantage of the UK economy. If the shoe won’t fit, don’t wear it – walk away. That’s good advice from a podiatrist and an appropriate analogy for an economist or lawyer. The EU has never been a comfortable fit for the UK economy or legal … More Does the Shoe Fit?