The Brexit Lexicon (Part 1)

          As in many other technical subjects, the Brexit debate uses common words but with specialist meanings and this can be confusing for non-specialists. For example, most people think ‘gutter’ has to do with drainage but a printer thinks of it as the extra margin space that will stop the binding … More The Brexit Lexicon (Part 1)


“All our eyes on, the distant Horizon”

or Our ‘Eight-Week Review’ Revisited Eight weeks after the Brexit Referendum we posted a review of the situation, which included this comment [1]: “During the Napoleonic wars Joseph Banks, the great botanist, shared his discoveries with his French colleagues; during the American War of Independence Benjamin Franklin ensured Captain Cook’s expedition was not hindered.“ Scientists … More “All our eyes on, the distant Horizon”

It’s Not Rocket Science (It’s Only Economics)

In one month, three years will have passed since the UK finally left the European Union yet still many experts (plus media and social media commentators) bombard us with distorted facts and figures. Economics is rife with this behaviour, although science itself is not immune. Ask a rocket scientist how long it would take to … More It’s Not Rocket Science (It’s Only Economics)

Corruption – Again?

The EU Observer ( has two recent articles on this theme. We quote extensively from the two articles, rather than repeat points we have made earlier in our linked posts. The first article ( is by Emily O’Reilly, the European Ombudsman, who is responsible for investigation maladministration within the EU institutions, and is headed “How … More Corruption – Again?

The World at One

The world is scarcely ‘at one’ today; we are referring to the BBC Radio 4 programme at 1pm on Monday, 4th July where the lead news item was that Keir Starmer, Labour’s leader, was about to announce that his party will not be working towards rejoining the EU, the Customs Union or the Single market. … More The World at One

Valuing Democracy

Whilst it is not clear what the EU means by ‘European Values’ a major stated value of the Union is that itself and all member states are genuinely democratic. In practice this requirement is usually trumped by an even higher ‘value’ – full union. The EUObserver has an update on the ‘cases’ of the EU … More Valuing Democracy