A Christmas Cavil

To cavil is to argue or protest about unimportant details. It’s too late for that, what matters now is for Britain to find the best possible future after leaving the European Union. Since the start of the covid pandemic Boris Johnson has tried to resist limits to people’s freedom but at the last moment has … More A Christmas Cavil

European Values

‘European Values’ are loudly proclaimed as virtuous attributes of the European Union. Acta non verba – deeds not words. Emmanuel Macron has threaten to cut our electricity supplies if the UK doesn’t submit to his Brexit demands. His threat is rather like Trump’s sanctions against Iran except the UK is not threatening to physically annihilate … More European Values

More on Sovereignty

This is the fourth in our brief series of posts on the decision of Her Majesty’s UK Government (“HMG”) to modify—‘clarify’ to use their word—the terms of the Agreement to withdraw the UK from membership of the EU. We start with the latest spat, which arises because under EU rules there are restrictions on certain … More More on Sovereignty