People’s Vote 2 For the sake of democracy the people of the UK should have another vote on whether to continue membership of the European Union when the terms of leaving are clear. Well, perhaps not clear but at least known, or expected as in the latest draft Withdrawal Agreement. What should it be called? … More Shorties-20

So What is Democracy?

There is no example of absolute democracy; the term denotes some sort of ideal from which real nations fall short. However, we believe – and believe that many others share this belief – that the notion of democracy contains two elements that are clearly missing from the EU. These two notions are that democratic governments … More So What is Democracy?

40 Reasons or 40 Thieves?

The Conservative Government offers a list of what they want us to believe about their draft withdrawal agreement (now accepted by the European Council but not yet by the UK Parliament). They are trying to steal our support with underhand propaganda. Below are some comments on a few of their 40 Reasons. We don’t … More 40 Reasons or 40 Thieves?

Do not go gentle

…into that good night… A friend who decided to ask his children how they would like him to vote in the 2016 Referendum will be visiting this week. We keep harping on about this but it really irritates us that Brexit discussions could be banned because our friend might ‘frexit’ our home if we asked … More Do not go gentle

Rules Are Rules

If there’s a hard Brexit the EU would expect to have: a hard border in Ireland rather than respect the Belfast Agreement (which says, no hard border and no change to the UK union without consent of the people in the North); no Brits flying to sunshine holiday spots by the Mediterranean (they can go … More Rules Are Rules

Empire Building?

The Economist (TE) in its Charlemagne column of 13 October offers an explanation of why Europe (i.e. the EU) will “…never produce a Google”. “Europe lacks large firms in areas like social media, e-commerce and cloud computing comparable in scale to America’s Google and Microsoft, or China’s Alibaba and Baidu.” “Europe’s history explains the … More Empire Building?