Insouciant Leadership

There is no question about it, Boris Johnson’s insouciant disregard for the rules others must follow, rules he has imposed on them, stinks. However, what matters most about national leaders’ actions is where they are leading their countries. It is probable that sitting outside for a while with colleagues that you normally work with indoors, … More Insouciant Leadership


The World in Union

Perhaps to most animals things are simply as they find them, but for most humans there’s a theory for everything that exists and even for what ought to exist. If we believe a world under one government would be good for mankind we can devise a theory of how to achieve it, perhaps region by … More The World in Union

A Federal Europe

A new government for Germany is about to take over, comprising parties from across the political spectrum. They are agreed on one thing, it is time for the European Union to become the long-envisioned federation of Continental nations. How likely is that to happen, now or ever? Could a United States of Europe be a … More A Federal Europe

Observing Democracy

The European Union claims that it is a democracy. Many supporters accept this claim, perhaps without giving it much thought. This post illustrates the matter and refers back to some of our own thoughts on the subject EUObserver – a reliable supporter of the EU – has an article [1], titled Time for EU to … More Observing Democracy

Swiss Cheesed Off

The Swiss have had enough and pulled the plug on almost eight years of negotiations with the EU, aimed at simplifying over a hundred bilateral agreements and combining them into a single framework. The EU insisted on regulatory alignment and the supremacy of CJEU judgements. It has overplayed its hand – again. A benign organisation … More Swiss Cheesed Off

The Banality of Evil, in Ireland

Implementation of the Northern Ireland (NI) Protocol—which is part of the UK’s withdrawal agreement with the EU—has resulted in shortages in the province and consequent protests that risk renewing the civil war. Our title derives from a different context where the evil was intentional and its magnitude not comparable with the ‘Troubles’ in Ireland. A … More The Banality of Evil, in Ireland