Themes-12: Evidence

We like to support our critiques of the EU with evidence, particularly from its own documents. In the following posts we review some of the major published documents giving, where we can, links to the originals. In 2015 The European Commission published a report by five EU presidents of its key groups, led by Jean-Claude … More Themes-12: Evidence

A Light in the Dark

Who decided the fisherman’s quota or the farmer’s choice of pesticide? “Not a lot of people know that” (as Michael Caine claims he never said) and we certainly don’t. Nor apparently does Emily O’Reilly, the European Ombudsman. We’ve previously referred to recommendations on transparency made by O’Reilly (see Expensives-2 and Revealing Appointment-2). Her website shows … More A Light in the Dark

What on Earth?

Last week (16/05/19) The Economist newspaper published an article titled: “The second-biggest democratic show on Earth”. Presumably The Economist (TE from here on) ranks the EU second only to India in the scale of its electorate but we don’t believe it belongs in the same division in terms of democracy. TE is reliably pro-EU, though … More What on Earth?

EU Parliament Elections

We wanted to provide our commentary on the EU election campaign leaflets of the main party contenders but that’s difficult because we haven’t received most of them. Nick, living in the Prime Minister’s constituency, hasn’t received the Tory leaflet; he did get the LibDem’s flyer but binned it immediately – fortunately he was able to … More EU Parliament Elections