News From Nowhere

In 1890 the socialist artist William Morris imagined a future utopian England, of 2003, where the Houses of Parliament were no longer a place of politics but were used for storing manure [1]. Whilst Morris’s dream didn’t come about by that year we were certainly reminded of it by what happened there on Monday, 25th … More News From Nowhere

Freedom from Information

Transparency The EU declares loudly in its treaties and in its marketing puff that it is an enthusiastic proponent of freedom of information and transparency (see However: The EU Parliament’s Secretary-General for the last ten years has been Klaus Welle. One of his responsibilities is to administer ‘the Bureau’, an internal Parliamentary body that … More Freedom from Information

Something is Rotten

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet even a common soldier, Marcellus, can sense that “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. Similarly from the behaviour of the EU towards the first country to decide it wants to leave it should be obvious to all that something is rotten with the Union. It could have responded to the … More Something is Rotten

This and GATT

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) regulations on free trade agreements (and interim arrangements on the way to such agreements) do not support the claims of those who shriek that leaving the EU without a deal would lead the UK over a disastrous cliff edge. That is a choice, which can be made or avoided by … More This and GATT

Die Another Day?

There are many factors that could destroy the European Union – which we described in our review of Ian Kearns’ book ‘Collapse: Europe after the European Union‘ [Collapse: Europe After the European Union – Parts 1&2] – but here we will summarise the most immediate problem: debt. If a state is bankrupt its bonds aren’t … More Die Another Day?


No, not ‘Total Rugby’ (a forum for debating Ruby League). As we write this Italy is about to face England in a 2019 Rugby Six Nations match; England is famous this season for its mostly-successful tactic of putting boot to ball and kicking the odd-shaped object in the expectation of quickly winning it back. Similarly … More TLTRO Rugby