Rule of Law for EU

It is the habit of the EU to bury both information and misinformation in dungheap-sized mountains of words, which both tell us little about what the EU Project is up to and gives the EU room to do very much what it pleases. The EU is skilled at dishing up propaganda. It’s treaties are not … More Rule of Law for EU

EU Treaties-8: Terminology

Some terms used by the EU are unique to them or may be confusing or mysterious for other reasons. Here we offer a few examples, with our explanatory notes: ‘may’ and ‘shall’, ‘taking into account’, ‘legislative procedures’, ‘approximation’ of laws, ‘consensus’. 1. Instruction v. Permission The treaties often use the terms ‘may’ and ‘shall’ and … More EU Treaties-8: Terminology

EU Treaties-5: Foreign Policy & Defence

This post selects from the Treaties and focuses on articles concerning foreign relations and security, proposals for a defence policy. We question the EU’s ability “to promote peace”. We quote Margaret Thatcher’s reservation about a centralised and appointed bureaucracy in Brussels. Defence is to be integrated into the EU’s foreign and security policy but member … More EU Treaties-5: Foreign Policy & Defence

EU Treaties-4: Law, Agreements & CJEU

In this post we look at some of the more legalistic treaty articles, including: the role of the CJEU, procedure for revising the Treaties, leaving the Union, Union competences, shared competencies, passing control upwards, the subjugation of the European Parliament. CONSOLIDATED VERSION OF THE TREATY ON EUROPEAN UNION (TEU) Article 1: By this Treaty, the … More EU Treaties-4: Law, Agreements & CJEU

EU Treaties-3: Uniformity, Promises & Achievements

Ever closer union requires harmonised laws and common law enforcement, among other requirements for uniformity. The language is firm, if not always precise (e.g. “account shall be taken”). Many laws are imposed on Member States while lightly disguised as beneficent recommendations. CONSOLIDATED VERSION OF THE TREATY ON THE FUNCTIONING OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (TFEU) Article … More EU Treaties-3: Uniformity, Promises & Achievements

EU Treaties-2: Values & Democracy

The EU practices top-down government. They give us big talk on democracy and citizens’ fundamental rights, repeatedly stated but not practised. The goal is convergence – economic, political and regulatory. Mutual assistance between member states has proved hard to achieve. CONSOLIDATED VERSION OF THE TREATY ON EUROPEAN UNION (TEU) Article 1: This Treaty marks a … More EU Treaties-2: Values & Democracy