Words versus Deeds – 2

The EU’s response to the covid pandemic has been slow and underwhelming but one of its (many) presidents thinks we should be looking at the bigger picture—the slow train will safely reach its destination. In its tracks citizens’ lives are lost or devastated. Following up our earlier post under this title, we re-focus on the … More Words versus Deeds – 2


The Future of Europe

The European Commission has published its report on the results of a survey requested and co-ordinated by the European Commission’s and European Parliament’s Directorates-General for Communication. The full report can be downloaded from [1]: Earlier we commented at some length on the preparations for the Conference on the Future of Europe, so we can be … More The Future of Europe

Goals and Values

In this post we come up to date and contrast the ideal version of itself that the EU presents to its supporters, and to the world at large, with the performance of the EU in its practices. (Quotations are in red.) [1] Speculating simply, the EU may be popular because of the goals and values … More Goals and Values