Change What?

What does the new new party ‘Change UK’ want to change? Rachael Johnson has announced that she will be a candidate for the European Parliamentary elections, if the UK takes part. Her father, Stanley, used to be a Conservative MEP and her brothers, Boris and Jo, are Conservative MPs in the UK Parliament; Rachael joked … More Change What?

Here’s the Power, Where’s the Glory?

Power Whereas many believe the EU represents a move towards a world that acts together peacefully we see it as representing the worst aspects of globalism. [1] Where big business and big government get closer together control is lost at the local level and the powerless eventually react to give these elites a ‘populist’ kicking. … More Here’s the Power, Where’s the Glory?

It’s the Ideology

Is Democracy a Nuisance? In EU member countries, their constitutions oblige governments to put themselves up periodically for re-election, or dismissal. The ‘constitution’ of the EU (i.e. the treaties) does not require this inconvenience. This is a designed feature not an accident. To achieve its goal of a federal state in Europe the EU must … More It’s the Ideology