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Be aware, but not afraid

An excellent, if sobering, article from the international business editor of the Daily Telegraph. His reasons for voting Leave are balanced with a clear outline of the risks involved.

Recommended Selections

The authors of are doing a fine job of extracting facts and opinions from a range of sources. We’ve picked out a sample.

Alternative Market Models

The East African Community is a recent single market. It works and they have good relations with the EU. However, they are discussing a single currency and greater political union, which researchers warn them against.

EUReferendum is blog from Richard North, in which he  supports the case for Brexit while he savages the weak and mendacious Vote Leave campaign. Detailed and critical; well worth reading for the inside story of the campaign. Sobering, if you thought you were getting the facts to help you make a decision.

On Economic Models

The BBC has produced an entertaining and informative reality check for those of us who are confused by the bombardment of contradictory economic ‘facts’ with which we are assailed.

Economic Forecasts are wrong

“Forecasts are almost always wrong, we should take them with a pinch of salt.” This section discusses the limitations, uses and abuses of economic models. It also provides some excellent links to articles that explain this clearly and simply.

Leave News

“ reports on the latest news sourced from the European Union, and European Commission. As the EU Parliament works towards a Federal super state, and New World Order, the global elites strive for greater governmental control, and draw more power to the centre.”

A Balancing Act

A brief overview of the key issues, from the BBC. A balanced starter.

The Wee Flea

Recommended reading for those who haven’t made up their minds, and indeed for those who have.