Breaking International Laws

There has been much consternation, condemnation and resignation since the Government decided to consider breaking international law to protect its own internal market, so ruining its trusted reputation. Can the EU be trusted and can the protection be justified legally or pragmatically? Right Honourable Members of Parliament know, or should know, that despite its outrage … More Breaking International Laws

Sovereignty Again

In our previous post we noted that the Government has acknowledged that the bills to clarify the Withdrawal Agreement will transgress international law. In the light of various comments we need to qualify this. The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 (“the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB)”) has a clause referring to the sovereignty of the … More Sovereignty Again

Breaking News

Our title is literal, the hot news on Brexit is that the British Government has stunned the country, the EU and probably the world by publishing a bill which it admits would break an international treaty – a treaty that the Prime Minister himself signed. Why? We’re puzzled by what the Government is doing in … More Breaking News


There has been no progress in the Brexit negotiations since they resumed, following the covid-19 interruption. Both sides have blamed the other, who’s fault is it and who will suffer if there is no agreement? Michel Barnier has accused the UK of not engaging constructively in the Brexit negotiations and of wasting time. He said: … More Stalemate

Frosty Negotiations

The major obstacles to reaching a trade agreement between the EU and UK are now down to two: fishing and ‘level playing field’ rules (on state aid, labour, environment and tax). Beyond any resolution of these lie some troubling issues for the UK. Britain’s chief negotiator, David Frost (Frosty as he is known in Whitehall) … More Frosty Negotiations

Words versus Deeds

Any administration must be judged on its deeds rather than its words. This post is a reminder of the some gaps between the EU’s rhetoric and its actions. The EU has a history of disappointing its citizens’ desires and expectations. The executive is driven by a vision beside and beyond those desires and expectations but … More Words versus Deeds