Not the BBC News

Re-imagining the Past It is so long ago now but do you remember how you voted in the EU Referendum? Philip Hammond appears to remember it clearly: you voted for “a smooth and orderly Brexit”. He also remembers that you “didn’t vote to be poorer”. Remember it better now? If not have another look at … More Not the BBC News


Our previous post asked basic questions aimed at discovering why anyone would want to believe or disbelieve in the EU and its mission. We take a sceptical view but welcome reasoned and evidential challenges. We asked what the major aims and achievements of the EU are; below are our answers in brief, fuller accounts can … More Answers


We’re all susceptible to ‘confirmation bias’: a tendency to seek or interpret things in a way that confirms our pre-existing beliefs and to ignore whatever challenges or contradicts them. A good method to escape this human foible is to ask difficult questions but the choice of questions or the way they are framed may also … More Questions

Bollocks to Boris!

Boris Johnson has been accused of using extreme language after calling the Act requiring him to seek another extension to Article 50 ‘The Surrender Bill’. The title of our post is borrowed from the rather more extreme slogan used by the Liberal Democrats to characterise their opposition to Brexit – “Bollocks to Brexit”. Extremely vitriolic … More Bollocks to Boris!

Supremely Stupid

Has the UK Supreme Court become quite Continental? When the Supreme Court’s judges ruled that the Prime Minister’s prorogation of Parliament was illegal Remainers delightedly announced that it was not just stupid but supremely undemocratic. The previous English High Court judges (The Lord Chief Justice, The Master of the Rolls and The President of the … More Supremely Stupid

How Can The UK Survive No-Deal?

Preparations are being made on both sides of the Channel against the worst that could, but probably wouldn’t, happen. The UK economy since 2016 has been relatively stable. Growth too hasn’t been bad compared with similar countries—unemployment is very low, the deficit is now in comfortable territory. Business investment has been too low, perhaps because … More How Can The UK Survive No-Deal?

If You Don’t Like The Answer, Change The Question

“People didn’t vote for no deal” – indeed they didn’t, because they weren’t asked that question; “People didn’t vote to be poorer” – nor that one. They were asked whether they wanted to stay in the EU or leave; a majority voted to leave. It might be called moving the goalposts except that the goal … More If You Don’t Like The Answer, Change The Question