Stuck in the Middle

The Covid-19 pandemic posed a dilemma for the EU: should it step up to the challenge and assume more powers or back off to let the member nations deal with it according to their own judgements and circumstances?         “Solidarity is the glue that keeps our Union together”, claimed Jean-Claude Juncker and … More Stuck in the Middle

And Those Against

Robert Frost makes our point pithily: In our previous post [1], to which this is a follow-up, Guy Verhofstadt confirms that he is at the sharp end of those who are in favour of completing the project plan to achieve a federal government for at least part of Europe. Our commentary did little more than … More And Those Against

Those in Favour…

Some see the covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity and a requirement to hasten and tighten the programme of unification; others see it as the likely end of a failed experiment. What follows is the recipe of arch-federalist Guy Verhoftadt, the EP’s chief Brexit representative. In EUObserver [1] he makes his case forcefully, if without evidence … More Those in Favour…

The EU’s Bonds

Are the rules and links binding EU countries weakening in the face of the latest crisis? Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, claims his latest movie, ‘No Time To Die’, tries not to be political but is inevitably tainted by Trump and by the nihilism of Brexit. We can’t see what he means because the release … More The EU’s Bonds

Lobbying, Corruption and EU Decision-Making

Lobbying Peter Teffer, who used to be an investigative journalist for EUObserver, has spent many hours looking into how the EU makes its decisions and the influence that corporate lobbyists have on those decision. He summarises his conclusions in a recent article for the online journal [1] and will publish details in his book, which … More Lobbying, Corruption and EU Decision-Making