Themes-12: Evidence

We like to support our critiques of the EU with evidence, particularly from its own documents. In the following posts we review some of the major published documents giving, where we can, links to the originals. In 2015 The European Commission published a report by five EU presidents of its key groups, led by Jean-Claude … More Themes-12: Evidence

Themes-8: Economics-2

In August last year we published a two-part review of Collapse: Europe after the European Union by Ian Kearns. Although an EU enthusiast Kearns fears for its future unless serious reforms are undertaken. We don’t share his enthusiasm and question some of his assumptions but we agree with much of his analysis, if not his … More Themes-8: Economics-2

Themes-5: UK Politics

This is another in our series of posts reviewing our comments on major themes regarding the European Union. Each brief comment is followed by a link to the post to which it refers. The linked posts are presented in chronological order of posting. After much discussion and squabbling, the Cabinet published a White Paper in … More Themes-5: UK Politics