Learning from experience

…and changing accordingly


The current EU/EMU projects are justified by the belief that economic, political and social development can (only) be achieved from the top down. This cannot be proved since the belief is false, defying both logic and experience. The claim that the Union can deliver desirable outcomes better than individual nations is unproven. We know from experience that passing responsibility upwards results in failure, because practical outcomes cannot be achieved for those who choose, or are obliged, to abdicate responsibility. It is better to have trial and error at a local level leading to solutions that can be replicated – diversity and cooperation.

Until the Project is complete any shortfall in the outcomes can be blamed on the member states and their capricious unwillingness to conform and finish the job. EMU will only be “complete” when no corner of the EU can be distinguished from any other. This cannot be achieved and should not be attempted.

eurozone-areaThe problem is that the EU project, subservient as it is to EMU, is misdirected. It is about centralising power to achieve uniformity and as such it is doomed to fail. In the unlikely event that the dreams of the Commissioners could be achieved, the outcome would be to reduce Europe’s attractive and stimulating cultural and economic diversity to a dull and ineffective sameness.

We are guinea pigs in a project that has neither empirical nor theoretical justification. Economic, political and monetary union have become the rationale for the creation of treaties, laws and institutions that have no other rationale.


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