A playground for squabbles and cheating

EU/EMU haven’t been tried on anything like this scale before. History, experience, common sense tell us that this should be an experiment, with diverse sub-experiments.

shutterstock_225604609__mediumComplaints from citizens against EU/EMU are getting louder because, for them, the imposition is not working

What we have in Europe is a massive bureaucracy, top-down control and corrections to “divergence”. The whole thing is run by people who believe that we cannot be trusted to manage our own affairs, particularly electing the ‘right’ leaders, but who have no doubts that they can run our affairs for us, provided we give them the power and don’t expect to get it back. This cannot be made to work. Experiments do not need to be imposed with the force of law. It’s not about Brexit, it’s about failure on a massive scale, something that cannot be made to work but will not be changed, before it fails, into something that could be made to work better.

The agenda of EU/EMU is inimical to the best interests of Britain, which is able to manage its own affairs and to collaborate with other countries where that will be advantageous to all.


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