Summary and Conclusion

On the surface the EU might appear an enlightened project, and it could be. However, the obsession with enforced conformity is not the path to harmony and mutual benefit. The EU is the wrong project to unify and pacify a fractious Europe, it can only succeed through suffocation.

What are the aims of the EU? What are the main objectives and are they beneficial, harmful or irrelevant? We have answered these questions as we understand the EU and its tributaries. We do not see an honest presentation of the case in favour.

Two half-century old questions remain unanswered: ‘To whom are you accountable?’ and ‘How do we get rid of you?’ At least they haven’t been answered satisfactorily, either by EU leaders or by the Remain campaign. Perhaps this is because the only honest answers are: ‘no one’ and ‘you can’t’.

If Britain leaves we’re not sure where we’re going, it depends on our leaders’ decisions. If we stay we do know where we’re going – towards a United States of Europe. And if we remain on the fringes of the EU we’ll be despised, ignored and in the worst of both worlds.

We could stay with the floundering ship, shouting at the officers, or cast off in our own gig to find new territories, with hope that our limited navigation skills will find them.


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