More Juncker


Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission (

My first priority will be to put policies that create growth and jobs at the centre of the policy agenda of the next Commission.”

So, he will put his policies on an agenda, which surely is where they belong. We know that not even elected governments can create jobs and growth; what they can do, if competent, is to manage the circumstances in which other agents, for example companies, can create jobs and growth.

The Eurozone should … be managed by the Commission and by the Euro Group, which in my view should be chaired by a full-time President.”

So the EU should manage the zone, not just its finances. This is what he means, in the next quote, by “more Europe”.

The UK will need to understand that in the Eurozone, we need more Europe, not less.”

What he means is not more Europe but more Union. And no, we don’t; not on his terms.


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