Other European Views

The Daily Telegraph online business section has a startling article reporting on the views of other Europeans towards the EU, as surveyed by MORI.


Other views.png

Here are some extracts, in case you haven’t the time to read the whole article:

“[It] was still the view of the policy elites even after the Schengen fire had been raging for months. There was a strange reluctance to accept what has been obvious for a long time, that comparable feelings of irritation with Brussels have been welling in France, Italy, Holland, Scandinavia, and Germany itself.

Above all, there was a refusal to acknowledge that great numbers of people across Europe have views all too like the British, and also think the EU Project is out of control.

“[The MORI poll] shows that 60pc of Italians want a referendum of their own, and that 48pc would now vote to leave the EU.

The MORI poll shows that 58pc of the French also want their own referendum, and 41pc say they would vote to leave. Swexit sentiment in Sweden is running at 39pc.

” [H]alf of those surveyed in countries making up 80pc of the EU population think that Brexit would set off a domino effect, and that it would do more damage to the European Union than to Britain itself.”

A high proportion of those who want a referendum in their own countries would vote against staying in the EU. This surely strengthens the argument that we have made tentatively so far, that the EU itself might break up, if the people were given an opportunity to vote to leave. And this in turn increases the uncertainties that attach to Britain remaining in the EU.


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