Enough is Enough

Not everyone in other EU countries agrees with the Commission’s approach to the Brexit negotiations. Remaining will not save the UK or the EU if advocates fail to acknowledge the need for fundamental change. Future Perfect? Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (AE-P. Daily Telegraph 21/03/2019) has helpfully gathered together critical views on the Brexit negotiations and the proposed … More Enough is Enough

Die Another Day?

A consideration of the possible domino-effect of the EU’s debt structure, with reference to various initials, including TLTRO, TARGET, QE and EZ. We provide links to many related posts. There are many factors that could destroy the European Union – which we described in our review of Ian Kearns’ book ‘Collapse: Europe after the European … More Die Another Day?


The European Central Bank’s ‘targeted longer-term refinancing operations’ often fail to give help where it is intended and most needed. No, not ‘Total Rugby’ (a forum for debating Ruby League). As we write this Italy is about to face England in a 2019 Rugby Six Nations match; England is famous this season for its mostly-successful … More TLTRO Rugby

Money, Money, Money

Whether intended or not, the ECB’s response to the financial crisis protects the rich countries from the diseases of the poor. Also, the £350 million that Vote Leave claimed was the cost to Britain of EU membership wasn’t too far out.          Funny Money There’s plenty of funny money in ‘wealthy’ Germany … More Money, Money, Money


What happens if a country can’t devalue its currency to regain competitiveness? The EU’s intentions may be fine but are they leading to the outcomes it intends? Why has stressing the economic dangers of leaving the EU not persuaded a UK majority to remain? Would another vote on EU membership settle the matter? Fiat Money … More Shorties-22

The Death of the Euro

The last of our four-part discussion of the common currency and its weaknesses. Our trilogy on the euro currency is now in four parts (like Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) because we had to break off to discuss the Draft Withdrawal Agreement and other political developments. The previous parts dealt with the past, … More The Death of the Euro


Should ill-informed voters be able to choose who governs? Do the EU’s intentions justify its means? What did they who voted to leave the EU really want? Have our Commissioners merited their roles? Why do youngsters think only they should decide Europe’s future? Why does the EU treat the UK like an escaped prisoner? Since … More Snippets-2