Still More Juncker

Juncker's Priorities.pngTime indeed! We’ve picked out some of the more honest quotations from Herr Juncker, which were included in a speech he gave in Strasbourg on 9 September 2015. We’ve tried to refrain from adding our comments as he makes our points well enough, though perhaps this was not his intention.


‘This is the moment for honesty. Time has come for more honesty in Europe. That is why this is a speech about the great, open, momentous issues facing Europe.’

‘Our European Union is not in a good state’

‘There is not enough Europe in this Union. And there is not enough Union in this Union’

‘The Schengen system will not be abolished under the mandate of this Commission. But the other side of the coin to free movement is that we must work more closely together to manage the external borders.’

‘The President of the euro group, and he alone, should represent the euro zone.’

‘No wind favours he who has no destined port – we need to know where we are headed.’


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