Yet More Juncker

On the 20th May The Telegraph and many other newspapers reported remarks made by Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, which illustrate his attitude to democracy. Here is a sample from the article, quoting remarks Juncker made to Le Monde:

“I’m sure the deserters will not be welcomed with open arms,” Mr Juncker, a lifelong European federalist, told Le Monde.

“If the British should say No, which I hope they don’t, then life in the EU will not go on as before,” he said. “The United Kingdom will have to accept being regarded as a third country, which won’t be handled with kid gloves.

“If the British leave Europe, people will have to face the consequences — we will have to, just as they will. It’s not a threat but our relations will no longer be what they are today.”

The final point is true but trite; obviously relations will change, but prefacing it with “It’s not a threat but…” makes it seem like one. In fact most of what Herr Juncker said could be taken as obvious, except for “deserters” which colours the whole thing with the smear of intimidation. Characteristic of the superior beings that inhabit the glass palaces in Brussels is the failure to recognise the likely effect of such intimidation on the voters in the referendum.

European Commission.jpg


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