Left. Out! Right?


On May 26 the online edition of the Daily Express had an excitable headline: “END OF EU”. The article claims that “thousands of left-wing voters” are hoping that Britain will leave the EU and start the break-up. They cite “… political activists from Greece, Catalonia and Ireland [who] spoke of a growing movement from the left within many member states, hoping the EU will break up altogether” at a meeting in London. “The reasons included interference in law making, the treatment of the people of Greece and constant cuts and austerity measures.”

According to one speaker, the pro-EU feeling in Greece has changed as a result of imposed austerity and the unresolved migrant crisis. On their own shouts from the extreme left need not be taken too seriously, but when they echo those from nearer the centre and from the right as well then there may be a movement under way that will increase the risks and uncertainties to be faced by the EU’s member states, and should be accounted for in any honest case for Britain to remain.

EU on fire.png



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