State of the Union – 1 (Summary)

Here is our first reaction on reading the summary of Jean-Claude Juncker’s state of the union address on 14 September 2016.


We’re not anti-European, we’re anti-EU. We’re against the complacent, misguided ideologists who can’t see its extreme failures, or can see them but think the present sacrifices are worthwhile. Not their sacrifices, naturally, with their high salaries, generous expenses and gold-plated pensions they’re all right (Jack). They have faith, but no evidence, that the troubles will pass and history will praise their foresight and vision.

What is required is a reasonably pragmatic programme dealing with today’s problems as best they can while learning from experience how to achieve real advances. Instead, less fortunate citizens are offered pie in the sky when they die. It’s a lie!

Our next post will offer a chapter-and-verse critique of J-C’s address.


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