Dear Joe

Back in April 2019 we wrote to Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the US Congress, concerning her comments about Brexit, the Irish border and a US-UK trade deal [1]. She didn’t answer and we don’t think the President Elect will do us the honour but at least he has shown he will not ignore Britain.

Dear Joe Biden,

Congratulations on your election victory. Also thank you for calling our Prime Minister so soon, his opponents here have been trumpeting a likely cold shoulder so it is reassuring that our alliance remains important whatever differences exist between you both and between our governments.

You appear to have taken his comment about Obama’s family connection with Kenya to be racist but wasn’t it just a guess at his reason for not being particularly fond of Britain due to the ex-colonial relationship? This is what Boris actually said when President Obama returned the bust of Churchill that had been in the Oval Office for a decade [2]:

No one was sure whether the President had himself been involved in the decision. Some said it was a snub to Britain. Some said it was a symbol of the part-Kenyan President’s ancestral dislike of the British Empire, of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender.”

Later in this article he wrote (concerning EU membership):

“… much as I admire the United States, and much as I respect the President, I believe he must admit that his country would not dream of embroiling itself in anything of the kind.

Note his “respect” and compare it with this about your Republican opponent after he Tweeted concerning the risk of visiting parts of London:

The only reason I wouldn’t visit some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.

Which was worse? Yet The Donald got on fine with Boris, as I hope you will, in due course.

You called Johnson a “physical and emotional clone” of Trump. Johnson may have courted friendly relations with Trump but that doesn’t make him similar; in terms of policy he has more in common with you. Nor is he 6’3″ or have a tidy, frozen haircut. He is not as inarticulate either.

Your Irish roots are deep – in history. Your ancestors left a couple of centuries ago but you’re still proud of them, understandably. What about your English roots, are you less proud or even ashamed of them? The Irish diaspora is a big part of Democrat support, are you pandering to them?

You have said a trade deal is “contingent” on there being no hard border in Ireland but the UK Government says it won’t make one under any circumstances. It is the EU’s uncompromising approach that is threatening the Good Friday Agreement by seeking to impose stringent border arrangements between the Northern Ireland province of the UK and its mainland. This threatens the unionists and pleases the nationalists, it’s divisive. The UK’s Internal Market Bill will not be needed if the EU negotiates, rather than stonewalling as it has done for nearly five years. Otherwise the UK Government must take action to ensure there are no borders, whether North-South or East-West. Only this will ensure peace continues.

Perhaps you think the EU is a force for good in the world, despite its plainly ruthless and vengeful approach to the UK and its often blatant anti-Americanism.

Wisely or not we are leaving the EU. The question now is whether to accept the EU’s current terms, meaning the UK will have to follow the same rules but as a subordinate with no say in future changes, or fight for recognition of our right to be governed by popular agreement. What would you do if your country faced such a choice?

Yours etc,




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