Party Politics

Whatever the outcome of a second Referendum it is unlikely to be so decisive that it resolves the national divide on Brexit. A General Election would at least change a few bottoms on the green benches at Westminster but how do voters choose given that it could change a lot of things apart from EU … More Party Politics

EU Parliament Elections

We wanted to provide our commentary on the EU election campaign leaflets of the main party contenders but that’s difficult because we haven’t received most of them. Nick, living in the Prime Minister’s constituency, hasn’t received the Tory leaflet; he did get the LibDem’s flyer but binned it immediately – fortunately he was able to … More EU Parliament Elections

Change What?

What does the new new party ‘Change UK’ want to change? Rachael Johnson has announced that she will be a candidate for the European Parliamentary elections, if the UK takes part. Her father, Stanley, used to be a Conservative MEP and her brothers, Boris and Jo, are Conservative MPs in the UK Parliament; Rachael joked … More Change What?

Here’s the Power, Where’s the Glory?

Power Whereas many believe the EU represents a move towards a world that acts together peacefully we see it as representing the worst aspects of globalism. [1] Where big business and big government get closer together control is lost at the local level and the powerless eventually react to give these elites a ‘populist’ kicking. … More Here’s the Power, Where’s the Glory?