Party Politics

Whatever the outcome of a second Referendum it is unlikely to be so decisive that it resolves the national divide on Brexit. A General Election would at least change a few bottoms on the green benches at Westminster but how do voters choose given that it could change a lot of things apart from EU membership (which it might not resolve either). Here’s our guide for voters:


Brexit and other policies


Very clear about Brexit – leave by 31st October 2019, whatever it takes.

Not clear what other policies it can adopt that will retain the 1/3rd of voters from Labour and 2/3rds from Conservative who probably want to leave the EU as soon as practicable but have habitual loyalty to their usual party.

Change UK

Also very clear about Brexit – cancel it.

Completely failed, so far, to get voters to understand what they want to change, if anything other than the duopoly of Labour and Tory.


Unclear about Brexit, at least until there’s a new leader and Prime Minister; it seems to represent every shade of opinion and therefore none. Paid-up members strongly in favour of leaving whatever the terms, traditional voters perhaps as confused as its MPs.


Very clear about Brexit – stop it.

Climate change and waste pollution should be its main concerns but why therefore put EU membership in such a prominent place on its agenda? The UK is way ahead of most of its neighbours in tackling energy conversion and doesn’t need the EU to push it. Indeed what the UK saves in CO2 emissions others can pick up through carbon trading. The Greens should logically be agnostic at least on EU membership.


Confused about Brexit. Loves the workers’ protection rules but hates those that make nationalisation and bail-outs difficult. Members mostly want to remain in the EU, except the Leader and his acolytes; traditional voters more divided (2:1 for remaining?)

Liberal Democrat

Clear about Brexit – it’s bollocks.

It’s a bit green, not too red or too blue; if you mix these colours you get blanc. Blank faces is what most voters would have if asked who this party best represents.


Clear about Brexit – get on with it.

Few know what its other policies are except that they might be intolerance of immigrants and Muslims. Had it been ItalIP it might have challenged Matteo Salvini, but Brits seem to be more tolerant.

Does that help? We thought not.


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