Remains of the Fray

In August 2016, two months after the Referendum and seven months before Parliament agreed by a huge majority to begin the process of withdrawing from the EU, we posted a review of how Brexit was shaping up. It is astonishing how little has changed and how much remains relevant nearly three years on. For this … More Remains of the Fray

Law-abiding or Abiding-law?

An examination of several topics, including: law, subsidiarity, the European Parliament, the draft withdrawal agreement and the British government’s response. The post has many links, to more details and to supporting evidence. As another example of what we’re witnessing (see Summertime), Kate Hoey (Labour eurosceptic MP) asked the Speaker of the UK Parliament whether the … More Law-abiding or Abiding-law?

Enough is Enough

Not everyone in other EU countries agrees with the Commission’s approach to the Brexit negotiations. Remaining will not save the UK or the EU if advocates fail to acknowledge the need for fundamental change. Future Perfect? Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (AE-P. Daily Telegraph 21/03/2019) has helpfully gathered together critical views on the Brexit negotiations and the proposed … More Enough is Enough

Freedom from Information

Evidence of the EU’s lack of transparency in its dealings, contrary to its own treaty obligations. The EU declares loudly in its treaties and in its marketing puff that it is an enthusiastic proponent of freedom of information and transparency (see However: The EU Parliament’s Secretary-General for the last ten years has been Klaus … More Freedom from Information

This and GATT

If the EU wished it, an interim agreement with the UK, while the negotiations on the future relationship are under way, could simply preserve the existing arrangements. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) regulations on free trade agreements (and interim arrangements on the way to such agreements) do not support the claims of those who shriek … More This and GATT