Bloody-Border Line

The border in Ireland should not be used as leverage in the Brexit negotiations, that could kill people. Gaelic Football Because of the devious negotiating tactics of the EU and the gullibility (or duplicity?) of our Prime Minister no discussion of a future FTA has taken place. At least two years wasted; it could be … More Bloody-Border Line


What happens if a country can’t devalue its currency to regain competitiveness? The EU’s intentions may be fine but are they leading to the outcomes it intends? Why has stressing the economic dangers of leaving the EU not persuaded a UK majority to remain? Would another vote on EU membership settle the matter? Fiat Money … More Shorties-22


Should ill-informed voters be able to choose who governs? Do the EU’s intentions justify its means? What did they who voted to leave the EU really want? Have our Commissioners merited their roles? Why do youngsters think only they should decide Europe’s future? Why does the EU treat the UK like an escaped prisoner? Since … More Snippets-2

Off the Table!

Should the UK government offer voters a second, ‘People’s’, referendum, and/or should it declare that leaving without a deal is off the table? Since the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement (WA) was massively voted down there now appears to be no way the House of Commons can agree a way forward. More politicians are backing the … More Off the Table!

Unnatural Justice

The EU does not have an independent judiciary, its top court, the CJEU, is an arm of government and the judge of its own behaviour. ‘Nemo judex in causa sua’ is a Latin phrase that is usually translated as, “no-one should be a judge in his own cause.” This is among the basic principles of … More Unnatural Justice