A collection of six short, independent pieces on various topics, with links to many related posts. Friends Like These After two years of zero concessions by its negotiators we can justifiably say of the EU Commission, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” We think they are driven by outrage that anyone would want to … More Shorties-17

Did the EU Bring Us Growth?

An academic study examined whether joining the Common Market/European Union increased Britain’s economic growth. This post reviews the paper’s evidence and conclusions. This post presents a brief summary of part of a report by Cambridge economists – mainly Remainers – entitled, ‘How the Economics Profession Got It Wrong On Brexit’. They analyse the models and … More Did the EU Bring Us Growth?

Cabinet Kerfuffle

It is too early to dissect the agreement made by (or imposed on) May’s Cabinet at Chequers last Friday but our initial impression was that it’s another case of a UK government managing decline. This morning (Monday) Jacob Rees-Mogg gave exactly the same judgement. He’ll vote against it in Parliament, so will some other Tory … More Cabinet Kerfuffle


ECU No, not the European Currency Unit (now the euro) but Ever Closer Union, still the main ambition of the EU bureaucrats and other supporters. The euro is under attack from Italy and if it succeeds in freeing itself then Greece, Spain and Portugal are likely to follow; the goal of Ever Closer Union cannot … More Quickies-2


Softly, Softly: The British people voted to leave the European Union. To argue as most Labour and rebel Tory MPs are doing that they didn’t vote to leave the Single Market and Customs Union is equivalent to saying they voted to leave the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Court of Justice so … More Quickies-1

Multiple Visions

The EU continues to pursue its ambition to achieve – and to run – a supranational state in Europe: “The euro is more than just a currency. It is a political and economic project. All members of our Monetary Union have given up their previous national currencies once and for all and permanently share monetary … More Multiple Visions

Unusual Customs

Theresa May repeatedly guarantees that we’re leaving the Customs Union (CU) and Jeremy Corbyn concurs. That was also the promise in both parties’ 2017 election manifestos and so is a commitment made by 80% of MPs now in the House of Commons, if not necessarily their true wish. The apparent position now is that under … More Unusual Customs

Citizens’ Initiative

The EU is preparing to consult its citizens again (or some of them – those who might be interested) under the European Citizens’ Initiative. Here is the objective of the Initiative: “The European citizens’ initiative, foreseen in the Treaty on European Union, allows EU citizens to participate directly in the development of EU policies by calling … More Citizens’ Initiative