The Martian Perspective

Martians are as curious about us as we are about them. Even from Mars their economists can see the flaws in the EU/EMU, so why are so many earthlings taken in by the lies and half-truths?

Dutch Disenchantment

The Dutch are increasingly fed up with the EU, largely because of its failures. If the EU mandarins can’t keep even the steady Dutch on the right page, what future has it?

What’s Hitler got to do with anything?

‘Anything you say will be taken down…’ Boris opens his mouth wide enough to take his foot but others, predictably, put the boot in. While Hitler is best left unmentioned in polite circles, Nazi Germany had some familiar ideas for the European economy.

Other European Views

Many citizens in other countries want their own referendums. A good proportion would vote against staying in the EU – a majority in France (Frexit) and Italy (Ixit?)

Europe versus EU

Europe and the EU are not equivalent. There are other European organisations that include many more countries of Europe and operate without seeking supra-national authority. They sponsor science research, space exploration, human rights, law, democracy, data protection, economic development and some necessary regulation. They are responsible for much for which the EU takes the credit.


Some in the Remain camp argue that Brexit means isolating Britain from Europe. But the EU is not Europe (see the above posts) and out of the EU Britain could engage more constructively  with other European countries, without imposition from ‘above’.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get on with my neighbours?

The Small Faces may have caught on very early.