The Great Deception Continues

The leaders of the EU continue with their plans to turn the project into a supra-national government. Our evidence comes from comments in an interview with Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, and Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament.

“What this country needs is a benign dictatorship”

Senior British judges are starting to resist the overweening pressure from the EU’s courts to impose a different tradition of law on the UK and bulldoze us into submission. The judges expose a major flaw in the EU, which will contribute to its eventual collapse.

Alternative Market Models

The East African Community is a recent single market. It works and they have good relations with the EU. However, they are discussing a single currency and greater political union, which researchers warn them against.

Five Presidents Report (Part 1)

In June 2015 the presidents of the five major divisions of the European Union, led by Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, published their report, titled Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union.

In these three consecutive posts we take a detailed and critical look into the report – the ‘5PR’ as we shall call it for short.

Five Presidents Report (Part 2)

Picking up the details of our critique, this post looks at the five main sections of the Five Presidents Report.

Five Presidents Report (Part 3)

In this, third of three, posts commenting on the Five Presidents Report, we conclude that the Report provides much evidence in support of our case for Brexit. To balance this a little we offer links to other sites that have commented on the report.

More Junckerevidence3

Some revealing quotations from the President of the European Commission, with comments.

Still More Juncker

The President again, with more revealing opinions on the State of the Union. To comment this time would spoil the revelation.

Yet More Juncker

He’s not keen on countries that desert the EU. And his PR skills remain limited.