The Wrong Kind of Union

We don’t want to disengage from Europe or reject partnership with our neighbours. However, we believe that the EU’s flaws are so serious that Britain should leave. We can see that the reforms required are fundamental and can only be achieved by a new treaty that replaces existing treaties. The EU will not allow such fundamental reform. We hope that Britain leaving will open this discussion. Meanwhile we must try to find favourable relationships wherever there are better opportunities (see next post on one alternative). We should not remain in a misdirected, undemocratic and failing union.

The EU is continuing to evolve in accordance with plans first conceived around 90 years ago (by Jean Monnet). The goal was to put an end to wars by putting an end to nationalism and the way to achieve this goal was to build a single state for all the continent’s people. There is no evidence that this can work. The causes of the two great 20th century wars are not today’s problems We need regional and global cooperation but we don’t need remote government. We need cooperative structures that can evolve to meet new challenges as they arise, not static ideologies. Only democratic accountability has been able to achieve this over the long term.

Europe’s nations are capable of making choices about how they collaborate; their peoples don’t need an unelected, supra-national body to manage them. They don’t need this EU, which is a regime imposed on Europe for out-dated reasons and held together only by an out-dated ideology. People will have their say and if imposed upon they will resist. The future of the EU is highly

Imagine you were in prison for life. You would want to make friends with fellow prisoners in neighbouring cells; getting together whenever you can to make the best of things under the prison regime. It’s warm, it’s dry and you get fed regularly. But if you were given a vote, would you vote to stay?


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