That Was The Week That Was

Week beginning June 5th, 2016

The moral maze

Steaming pile of pooDavid Cameron says Leavers are “quitters”, “little Englanders” and do not love Britain. Like many in the Remain camp he mistakes the heap he’s standing on for the moral high ground, but that’s not how it smells.

Voter registration “glitch”

Computer failure 1Following the computer glitch that prevented some last-minute voter registrations the government has extended the deadline. This means that the result could be challenged on its legality, which would probably be decided by the UK’s Supreme Court. But because the Referendum concerns our EU treaties that decision could then be appealed to the European Court of Justice.

It’s extraordinary that we might need to bend to EU judgements about the legitimacy of a decision on whether to leave the EU’s jurisdiction!

Which are the most Eurosceptic countries in the EU?

A survey of attitudes published this week shows that France is far more Eurosceptic than Britain and Germany is not very different from us. So the Great Project staggers on despite the fact that citizens don’t much like the EU. They disapprove of the way it handles the economy:

and the refugee crisis; and they don’t endorse Ever Closer Union either:


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