Vote Swingers

Sadly, we can be sure that whichever side loses in the UK referendum we will be bombarded with complaints that the process was unfair.

Of course, the shockingly low quality of the (mostly mis-) information spewed out by both campaigns gives some weight to complaints of unfairness. However, the victims are and will be the voters, who have been treated abysmally by their ‘betters’ who run these dismal campaigns. Now we have the possibility of a justified complaint in that the published rules were changed after registration had closed because a crowd of last-minute would-be voters could not register when the website crashed.

I guess we will not be told how many of those people were able to register during the two extension days, and how many didn’t. More importantly, we may not know how many registered ‘late’ who had not registered within the original deadline. And, rightly, we won’t know how they voted.

Even if we did have the numbers we would not know if the result was swung by late registrants. But the possibility that those who registered during the extension period changed what would otherwise have been the outcome opens the result to a legal challenge. The fact, if it is a fact, that we do not know whether the extension to the registration period changed the result will not discourage the lawyers. It will be enough for them that it could have done so. Already one challenge is being considered and we don’t yet know who the losers are.

Now we should expect more challenges from the losers. Does anyone know where the cases will end up? It would be ironic, to put it mildly, if the case were to be heard by the European Court of Justice.


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