EU Priming Terror

Von de Leyen is a terrorist. She may not plant bombs but she primes the fuses. There are two sides to the conflict in Ireland, the EU has ‘weaponised’ it for its own advantages, disregarding the risk to lives.

The (hastily withdrawn) intention to create a hard border between north and south by invoking Article 16 of the Northern Irish Protocol to prevent vaccine exports highlighted that peace is not a vital objective for the EU. Controls of UK mainland imports have created shortages in the North and raised tension in the Unionist community. Boris Johnson has threatened to invoke Article 16, if necessary, to resolve the issue.

We have touched on the border issues in earlier posts, notably [1], [2], [3], and [4]. The insincerity of the EU’s claims to be concerned with peace in Northern Ireland has been evident throughout. The EU has used the Irish border in irresponsibly dangerous ways. Their continued use of this issue risks re-igniting the Troubles. So much for its supposed mission to bring lasting peace to Europe; in practice preservation of the super-state matters far more, particularly against possible competition from the UK.

[1] Bordering on Madness

[2] Quickies-1 (No Surrender and Border Friction)

[3] Bloody-Border Line

[4] Our Friends in Europe


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