UK General Election

Many Remainers have been demanding a second referendum because: the first was only advisory, the terms were not understood by voters (they didn’t vote to become poorer), they were lied to, or for any reason that might give them another chance to keep the UK in the EU. A General Election is not the same as a second Referendum but it’s pretty close, and in this case it is probably better. Another simple in/out vote that confirmed the previous choice would allow the continuing complaint that we didn’t vote for these terms, whatever they are going to be. Marshall May.jpgThe picture symbolises Theresa May directing Westminster towards freedom (though there is some doubt that MPs are as fit for their challenge). This is clearly a Brexit election, although Labour would prefer to change the subject. The implicit election question is, “Who do you trust most to get the best deal possible in the circumstances?” It acknowledges that we have to leave the details to the negotiators and that no agreement will suit everyone.

Of course there are other important considerations in choosing a government – it matters a great deal what happens to our health, schools, defence, taxation, environment, etc. – there is much to argue about but this blog is not the place to do that. In general the differences between the main parties on these issues are not sufficiently radical that their urgency compares to those around leaving the EU. A mandate in which a Brexit choice was put before the public is necessary to resolve the constitutionGina Milleral issues that have already arisen since last June and will otherwise continue to plague the process. Gina Miller, among others, will have fewer chances to go to law, the judges will have to accept the people’s will and the Lords will not dare to overrule the Commons; all of which were in doubt without an election.

This is our quick, initial reaction, which we will probably return to in the course of the campaign. It is interesting that the currency markets also responded quickly, by raising the value of sterling. This indicates that international investors believe a Government with a clear mandate, whichever way it goes and if it doesn’t produce another coalition, will reduce the uncertainties that the Referendum vote has created. New pound-1


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